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Cold Air Intake Headlight Replacement For BMW E30

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• Replaces a high beam headlight on either passenger or drivers side.
• 3 inch outlet, easily connectable to air box with 3 inch flex hose.
• Will also connect to some aftermarket inline airboxes
• There is tight clearance due to the core support behind the drivers side headlight but will still accept 3 inch hose.
• If connected to hose, it will be hard to put on a hose clamp but it will fit at the right angles.
• Only tested on late model headlight and on drivers side but should work on both sides.

• INSTALLATION: Remove high beam headlight from housing, the 3 headlight adjustment rods MUST be removed by twisting near the housing and sliding out. The holes in the intake will line up with the holes from the adjustment rods. I attached with zip ties for easy removal, use bolts with washers and nuts to make a more permanent install.